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  • Celebrating Volunteers Week 2021

    • Celebrating Volunteers' Week 2021

      Volunteers' Week focuses on saying thank you to the millions of people who make such an amazing difference to communities across the UK. Our Volunteers thank you video, led by Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, shares a heartfelt message of thanks from people across the country. As well as this Club Matters has a host of stories, new animations and blogs to highlight the valuable contribution that volunteers make.

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    • Volunteers stories on returning

      As lockdown continues to ease, it is not just participants who are enjoying being able to return to their clubs and groups. To the delight of millions of volunteers, they are now able to get back to doing what they love as well.

      quote from a volunteer

      To hear from some inspirational volunteers, check out the stories below about what it means to them to be back doing what they love

    • New recruiting volunteers resources

      Recruiting volunteers is not always easy, and with 70% of clubs reporting a shortage, volunteer recruitment is a common challenge.  But there are simple things you can do to make it easier. 

      Check out our new animation video, with top tips on how to make volunteering with your club or organisation as easy and as attractive as possible. Also check out the case study from Emsworth sailing club and how they put new volunteering opportunities in place.


      For video description, please click here (Downloads on click)